Effective Personal Training in St Kilda

Tighten Up Personal Training in St Kilda offers results-driven personal training in our private St Kilda studio. You can choose between 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 personal training. 2-on-1 (semi-private) sessions mean that you can work out with your partner or friend for extra support and motivation, and share the cost. If you need to find a training partner, we can team you up with one of our existing clients. Either way, you will receive a personalised programme for maximum body transformation.

Why We Are the Best Personal Training in Melbourne

At Tighten Up Personal Training in St Kilda we design custom Personal Training sessions for you, tailored to your individual needs, wants, desires and goals. Each session is planned in advance so no time is wasted during any Personal Training session. Your Personal Trainer will guide you through every exercise, helping you get the most out of your workout. We also keep all your sessions on file for future reference and to help you track your progress accurately and honestly. Your Personal Trainer will follow up and check that you are completely satisfied with our service and your results.

Personal Training in St Kilda That Achieves Goals Sooner

In addition to your sessions with your Tighten Up Personal Trainer, you will also receive custom workouts for you to complete in your own time in order to help you achieve your goals sooner. For your convenience, these workouts can be designed to suit your preferred environment: your home, home gym, another gym, or even a nearby park or pool.

Personal Training with Guaranteed Results

Tighten Up Personal Training is guaranteed to provide you with the results you are after. Nobody wants to be overweight, lonely, or look frail and unhealthy. Tighten Up Personal Training is a healthy lifestyle choice that will help you look and feel better. Ideally clients sign up for at least two 45minute sessions per week to obtain the results they want.

With Tighten Up Personal Training You Get the Best

All Tighten Up Personal Training programmes include:

  • An initial consultation
  • A fitness assessment
  • Dynamic postural assessment
  • Before and after photos
  • Nutritional support
  • 24 hour email and trainer support
  • A homework exercise programme
  • Support and encouragement
  • Individually designed training programme
  • Progress tracking and re-assessments
  • Someone you can trust and rely on, someone that knows how to motivate you towards your goals and make you accountable for your success