Butts N Gutts – for Women in St Kilda

Tighten Up offers Butts N Gutts: a unique Semi Private program for women in St Kilda who want to tone up and get fit. Each Semi Private Session consists of a maximum of 6 women who train together for 45minute sessions, completing an 8 week programme. These Semi Private sessions allow you to receive personalised individual training for maximum results in less time.

Strong is Sexy

The Butts N Gutts program consists of strength and conditioning, stability and balance work, and heavy weight training. A lot of bodyweight training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is also included. You will be educated about:

  • How to lift heavy weights safely
  • The benefits of heavy weight training
  • How to use gym equipment properly
  • How to use your own body to train
  • Nutrition
  • Current research and science that is both relevant and interesting

We welcome all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced participants as our unique Butts N Gutts Group  Training Program allows for all levels of fitness.

Read more about our results driven Butts N Gutts Small Group Training Program on our Butts N Gutts page.

SweatBox Semi Private Training For Men and Women 

Tighten Up also offers SweatBox Semi Private Training for men and women in St Kilda. This Semi Private Session consists of 45minute fast-paced training sessions that form an 8 week programme. Boxing, bodyweight training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are combined for maximum fitness results in a short space of time. This ‘cardio fix’ will improve your speed and agility and help you shed any unwanted weight/fat. You will be taught:

  • How to hit correctly
  • Correct foot and body placement
  • How to pad hold correctly
  • How to safely complete punching combinations

Sessions by appointment only