“Don’t Waste Another Minute On Useless “Fad” Fitness or Weight Loss Advice!”

I’m Going To Show You A Simple And Effective Way

To Get Fit and Get Rid Of Your Embarrassing,
Ugly Body Fat And Lose Up to 5 Kgs in 8 Weeks Guaranteed!

… WITHOUT Trendy Gadgets, Supplements, Or Huge Workouts!

Check out this success story, after the birth of her child she went from 100kg down to a size 9 dress size in just 5 months…


Before photo weighed 100 kgs – After photo, now size 9, in 5 mths Dani J 35 yrs

How I went from 100Kg down to a size 9 dress size in just 5 months

“Jewelz has trained me through two pregnancies and two major car accidents. The careful attention given to me by Jewelz always has me feeling strong and fit and back on my feet in no time.

The latest addition to my family had me up over 100kg and I’m happy to say that after only 5 months of training twice a week my most recent purchase was a size 9 pair of skinny jeans!

I put this down to the constant encouragement and advice of my amazing trainer!”

Dani J 35yrs

Are you still struggling to get fit, and want to experience that high energy feeling and lose weight so you can get back into those skinny jeans again?

Are you desperate… and ready to give up… because no matter what you try, or how hard you work to become more healthy, fit and shed those unsightly kilos, you still take two GIANT steps backward for every step forward?

Imagine how much better your life would be if you were finally able to enjoy a new lease on life, have renewed high energy and experience soaring levels of confidence with that new sexy slim body again.

Or wake up in the morning knowing you NEVER had to worry about feeling lethargic, or feel like a beached whale, not wanting to do much or go anywhere because you didn’t feel good about yourself or how you looked.

Even better, think what it would be like to no longer feel like a failure, just because you cant seem to ever shed those unsightly kilos and get fit again, no matter what you try.

Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be…

Let me help you quickly and easily get your dream body and healthy lifestyle with a plan that likely defies everything you currently THINK you know about eating right and exercising!

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Why We Can Help You Reach Your Fitness
and Weight Loss Goals

Hi, my name is Julie Griffiths but everyone calls me Jewelz. I’m the owner of Tighten Up Personal & Group Fitness with over 8 years of experience helping people who want to feel good within themselves with higher confidence levels and be proud about their health, fit and slim body.And hey, I too know what it feels like to be grossly overweight and unfit… because I was in that position once.Let me tell you my story, perhaps you can relate in part to it…

Many years ago while at work I fell from the top of some stairs, smashing directly onto the base of my spine, which put me out of action for quite some time.

I spent more than 6 years on painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets and was finally told by a specialist that I would get even worse over time… not a good prognosis for a young woman in the prime of my life.

During this time, I had put on an additional 14 kgs in weight and was really feeling the strain on my back, hips and knees.

I knew the added weight was jeopardising my recovery and I had to do something about it, fast.

In desperation I employed a personal trainer but found they really didn’t understand how to train someone with my injuries and had a relapse under their supervision.

That was enough… I then decided to take my rehabilitation into my own hands and trained to be a personal trainer.

Now 12 years later I am Diploma qualified and registered with Fitness Australia. I specialise in fat loss, rehabilitation and prevention…and have never looked back since.

So now you know I’m the real deal when I talk to you about how to get fit safely and efficiently and lose body fat fast, because I’ve been there.

Take a look at these clients of mine who have had great success with the “Butts N Gutts” fitness and weight loss program…

“I shed over 10 kilos, I went from a size 16 to a size 10!”


Bek V before and after shot

I went from a size 16 to a size 10,
and gained so much self confidence

“I started seeing Jewelz over 5 years ago with a goal of losing weight.

I shed over 10 kilos in my time with her; I went from a size 16 to a size 10, more importantly I gained so much self confidence.

I feel so strong and alive now!

Jewelz has taught me ‘Strong is Sexy’ and every woman deserves to feel beautiful and powerful!

I would recommend her to anyone, of any fitness level. Jewelz has changed my life. She can change your too!

Bek V 32yrs


I dropped two dress sizes

“I have lost 2.6% body fat, 13cm around my waist, 2.5 cms around my hips, 2.7 cms around my chest, and 4 cms off my thighs. My arms are toned and muscular and i began to see my six pack after 4 weeks and I dropped two dress sizes!

Jewelz is by far one of the most knowledgeable, inspirational, supportive and driving personal trainers I have ever met!”

Sara M 33yrs

Law Student

Jewelz is not like any other trainer!

“Jewelz has helped me achieve my fitness goals and has kept me motivated.Jewelz is not like any other trainer, she’s so passionate about helping you achieve your goals, and makes training fun. She always challenges me, and I love training with her.

I highly recommend Jewelz and look forward to another great year of training with her!”

Maria H 28yrs

Property Manager

During my years helping hundreds of people, just like you, become fit and healthy, get that shapely body and develop the power and confidence to achieve your goals, I’ve learned a LOT about what it takes to get you into shape and lose weight.And through my training and experience, I’ve discovered the safest, easiest most efficient steps to get there… no fads or gadgets!I’ll tell you about them in just a minute, but first, there’s something I need to clear up:

If you’ve been struggling to achieve your fitness and weight loss goal… and failing miserably… you need to understand that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

The Dirty Little Secret You NEED To Know…
The Weight Loss and Fitness Industry
Wants You To FAIL!!

That’s right…The sad truth is, the weight loss and fitness industry does NOT want you to be successful.I know it sounds crazy, but the thing is, most weight loss and fitness companies are designed to do one thing: make money selling you fitness products.

But how many products could they sell if you were actually fit? None, right?

So they’ve flooded the market with useless systems, toys, gadgets, supplements and other junk that does NOTHING but give you false hope that maybe, just maybe, this will be the one thing that works to help you shed that ugly fat and get fit.

And when it doesn’t work, you feel like MORE of a failure, become MORE desperate, and buy something else. And when that doesn’t work, your self-esteem takes another hit, and you buy something else. And so on… and so on…

Sound familiar?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to put an end to the cycle of guilt, failure, and shame, and finally reach the fitness goals you’ve been dreaming of?

Introducing The Quickest, Easiest Way To
Shed That Ugly Fat and Get Fit,
Safely and Effectively… Guaranteed!

Knowing the truth about the fitness industry, we decided to provide a solution to help real people like you enjoy the satisfaction of finally getting rid of that embarrassing body fat, get fit and health…… Using a sound, proven approach to body transformation and real-world experience, rather than smoke and mirrors.As a personal trainer, I give you, as my client, a level of individualization and quality of service that has never been seen before in the fitness industry.

… No useless gadgets, toys, or pills required!

And you have fun in the process!

One of the most successful programs I run, is what I call my “Butts N Gutts” program. The outcomes for my clients are sensational.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what this client has to say about the success she has had with the program…

Something I once dreaded has now become much more enjoyable

“For the past few years I have struggled to find the motivation to exercise, always making excuses not to, or going to a gym and not really knowing where to begin. Since starting “Butts n Gutts” training with Jewelz, I have somebody to help get me motivated and hold me accountable!Something I once dreaded has now become much more enjoyable, yes it is hard work but it is always a great laugh and I leave feeling wonderful!

Thank you so much Jewelz, looking forward to keeping up a healthy new lifestyle with your guidance.”

Jas H, 29 yrs


Tighten Up Personal Training is just amazing…
It feels like a home away from home

“The way that you feel as soon as you walk into Tighten Up Personal Training is just amazing. It feels like a home away from home.You are made to feel extremely comfortable, important, and I completely forget that I am sharing a class with 5 other ladies.

With Jewelz’ extensive knowledge of health and fitness, her beautiful bright personality and her commitment to her clients, not only during our class, but 24/7, is simply amazing.

The small attention to details is incredible – emails with at home exercise and diet tips, recipes, text messages to pump you up before a class, even a text message of my grocer’s sales.

Jewelz definitely goes above and beyond. I have never enjoyed training before in my life, now I hate if I have to miss a class. What a lovely atmosphere to train in, and incredible trainer!

Bec M, 29yrs

Merchandise Controller

I feel stronger every week. Strong is sexy!

“I drive from the Northern suburbs to train every Saturday – I just feel so happy here! You walk away from every session knowing that you’ve achieved something.Jewelz will always check in with us during the week and forward healthy food ideas as well as ‘need to know’ information that we can implement into our routines. Jewelz is always happy to offer her advice, nutrition tips, food ideas or answer any questions you might have. I have learned so much in my time here, I have made many changes to my lifestyle, and to top it off – I feel stronger every week. Strong is sexy!

Stacey L 28yrs

Property Development Officer

With the small, intimate group of no more than 6 people in the Butts N Gutts program, I walk you, step by step, through the entire process of getting fit and shedding those unwanted kilos fast without the cycle of failure, the endless disappointment, and the mediocre results.This system will work for anyone, regardless of current fitness level. It’s also super easy to do, and takes just a few hours per week!Thanks to our unique system, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to overcome every last obstacle that’s stopping you from achieving your personal health, fitness and fat loss goals.

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You
Get Started With the “Butts N Gutts” Program Today…

When you follow our step-by-step “Butts n Gutts” program, you’ll discover…

  • How Strong is Sexy!
  • A life-changing experience and guaranteed results to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals so you can live the life of your dreams
  • Just how amazingly comfortable and at home you feel when you walk into our Tighten Up Training facility, it’s like a home away from home
  • The awesome support system you get with personal text messages to pump you up and
    • The weekly emails to maintain your program with heaps of fat loss tips, recipes and at home exercises designed to keep you on track to achieve your goals
  • How I design an individual program which is unique to you that matches your exact needs and capabilities to maximise your opportunity to successfully achieve your desired fitness and fat loss goals.
    • I don’t believe in a one session fits all system, which is very common in the fitness industry
  • The tracking process used to see how well you are doing so you can see first hand how many centimetres and kilos you are losing, which all helps to keep you motivated and on track
  • How you get personalised individual training in the intimate, small group size of no more than 6 people, which gets maximum results in less time. You’re not just one of a large group struggling to get help.

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